2022 V47-1 Winter-Spring (1)

Recent Donations to the Burton Public Library Volume 47 Issue 1 Page 7 18th Annual Fund Drive Donations Dawn Burdyshaw William and Diane Spencer Luxenberg Family Reading Garden Donations In Honor of The Luxenberg Family Herbert and Marianna Luxenberg: Burton Public Library Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland Monetary Donations Carl Engelhardt Jr. Dan and Jan Gingerich Launch-A-Young-Reader Donations Ladies of the Thursday Afternoon Book Club Trevor and Gail Wilson Memorial Donations In Memory of Jim Knapton Nancy Carlson In Memory of Dorothy Fritz Judy Starr Georgene Fairbanks Marilyn Pickett Adrienne Fritz Patricia Hauser Mary Jane Urbanowicz In Memory of Cassidy Shafer Ken and Betty Stewart Art Car Fault Reader Memorial Donations In Memory of Betty Sutyak Tuesday Club In Memory of Mamie Ringenbach Dave and Kathy Beten Forrest and Jane Burt The Staff of the Burton Public Library Check out a Car Fault Code Reader which can tell you what might be wrong with your car. Ask the front desk for details. With your library card, you have access to art and photography purchased from the Burton Art Show by the Friends of the Burton Public Library. We have a wide selection of pieces you can hang throughout your home.