2022 V47-1 Winter-Spring (1)

Youth Services Programs and Events Page 2 Volume 47 Issue 1 No registration or fees are required unless otherwise noted. Register online or call (440) 834-4466. Visit burtonlibrary.org for program details. April 24th 10-10:30a.m. Pete the Cat Storytime Music and sensory activities every week at our Baby and Toddler time. January 19th 10-10:30a.m. Preschool Ages 3-5 Baby/Toddler Storytime Movin’ and Preschool Storytime Star Wars Storytime Arbor Day Bubble Storytime Steam Storytime Storytime May 4th 10-10:30a.m. February 9th 10-11a.m. March 9th 10-10:30a.m. Ages 0-5 Ages 0-5 Ages 0-5 Ages 0-5 Join Mrs. Amy for an exciting storytime! Just for kids— parents will wait outside! Tuesdays 10-10:30a.m. Ages 0-3 Wednesdays 10:30-11a.m. Preschoolers Celebrate the trees with a storytime featuring a performer from Holden Forest and Gardens! Join the Jedi Order this May 4th with a special Star Wars Storytime! Fridays 10-10:30a.m. Families Get messy, make mistakes, and have fun at this science themed storytime! Glub blub bubble. Need we say more? Groovin’ January 3rd through May 1st Special Storytimes April 13th 10-11a.m. All ages Take part in a special Library Egg Hunt Storytime! Prizes will be available! Storytime Walk those groovy shoes over for a storytime with everyone’s favorite cat (not named Garfield). Musical storytime with Mr. Eli! Feel free to bring your own instruments. Perfect for kids who have trouble sitting still.